The Edge

As i sit to write this, the kettle boils and i listen to the news telling me again about how a march, uniting us against hate, is the real problem in this country.
I hear the news tell me that our mayor of London Sadiq Khan is fully opposed to a trump state visit while he supports allowing deranged criminals who have flown to the middle east to fight with ISIS back into our country.
I see almost an entire generation of young people support a man who promises them nothing but unrealistic sweets in return for control of our county, our missile defense system and the disassembly of our dear old monarchy.
I’ve witnessed both Women and the LGBT community march in support of an ideology that wants to silence them, remove their right to march and, in many cases, thrown them from roof tops or hang them.
I sit here and recount the senseless loss of life our co Continue reading “The Edge”